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Damned Associated - Unresolved Issues

Listed below are some of the issues within these pages that I am particularly keen to obtain more information on. As usual, any further information always gratefully received... email

The Damned


1. Any information on support acts. This has proven to be a wonderful source for investigating Damned activity.
2. Proof that gigs actually took place (or didn't!).


1. Any information on early shows - these have been very difficult to track down, particularly as The Damned may not always have been the headliners. It should be noted though, that many conflicting and dubious things have been written about The Damned (even in official / semi-official literature) - hence I am after actual documented facts from the likes of the music press, posters or gig tickets etc.
2. Possible show at The Royal Academy of Music, Kensington. A contributor to this site has stated - "It was a Tuesday, I think September time, probably some kind of freshers event, first time I ever saw the nurse outfit".
3. The Damned supported Sparrow (apparently former Opportunity Knocks winners) at The Teacher Training College, Canley, Coventry - probably only a week or 2 prior to the release of New Rose.
4. Possible date for a gig at North London Polytechnic Halls of Residence, Tuffnell Park (probably in November).


1. References to European dates (ie European mainland - non-UK) during January 1977 that may or may not have taken place.
2. Any further information about the US shows during April.
3. April & May European dates.
4. August European dates.
5. Confirmation for the Speedway Stadium, Scheessel, Nr Bremen, West Germany show.
6. Further details for September / October French gig dates and venues.
7. Further details for Southern Germany October shows.
8. The Damned played Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam, Netherlands... but no evidence of what date has come to light? (the person writing of this show said 'it was one of the best gigs ever and the Captain was wearing a tutu').


1. February College of Further Education, Oxford gig with Japan. Dave Sylvian has often been mentioned by Captain Sensible on stage and it seems that they did play on the same bill - is this the show... did this one go ahead?
2. The Doomed at Canterbury in October. Did it go ahead... what was the venue / intended venue?
3. Further details for November European Doomed shows dates.
4. November or December non-UK Irish Doomed dates.
5. 'Solid' references to The Gary Holton shows. Any indication of playing under the name The Nightmares in the Dark - which seems to (?) have erroneously come from a bootleg and become folklore.
6. An NME music paper article of 14 January 1978 mentions planned German dates at the end of January 1978?


1. Further June & July US dates - ie The Damned are believed to have played The Paradise Club in Boston this year.
2. Details of possible June European shows.
3. Confirmation that The Damned played the Punkaroka Midnight Sun Festival, Punkaharju, Finland (possibly on 23 June... and maybe on the same bill as Motorhead and The Skids).
4. Possible early October UK gigs.


1. February Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke gig. Why the one-off gig at this time?
2. European dates of April & May.


1. June / July Finnish & German gig dates.
2. Possible July US tour.
3. Any reference to a Southampton gig.
4. June European dates. Going over to the play Rhymrock and not taking the opportunity to play other dates has always seemed unlikely?


1. February & March US shows.


1. February European dates.
2. Intended US May & June shows.


1. US dates (thought to inc Bren Events Centre, Irvine California - opening with Curtain Call, plus Club Foot, Austin Texas)?
2. June / July UK dates other than Exeter (there was supposedly a low-key, unadvertised, tour).
3. A precise date for the planned but cancelled show at Barrowlands Ballroom Glasgow in September.


1. Confirmation of European dates.
2. November & December US shows.
3. Any indication of how '2' Manchester Internation dates during December came about - all advertisng at the time suggest a UK tour of 3 dates and only one for Manchester.


1. March US shows (including Salt Lake City show mentioned in a Dave Vanian interview in an edition of Lively Arts fanzine).
2. European July dates.
3. New Zealand shows.


1. European gigs in January & February - for instance, the show in Draken, Sweden was supposedly the 2nd show of the tour [ref from Neat Damned Noise (NDN) issue 1, page 12]... but what was the 1st show?
2. Further Australian (and possibly New Zealand?) shows in March & April.
3. Further Japanese dates for April.
4. European August dates
5. Further UK university dates of 1987.
6. Date for a, so far, unlisted show at Reineck Rock Festival, Palmerston North, New Zealand.


1. February Greek shows.


1. Confirmation of July US dates.


1. More precise information regarding the November Spanish dates.
2. Date for Leicester De Montford Hall gig (known to have taken place).


1. French March dates.


1. Details for November Dublin gig.


1. Intended UK July shows.


1. Further April UK gigs.
2. A date for The Damned playing the Birmingham Scene club. Though no further details are known, there is information on the web relating to South Wales band The Blocked (featuring the Channing brothers) splitting after supporting The Damned (during 1999?) at this venue - apparently a missile from the audience cut the head of vocalist Damion Channing causing him to leave the stage, and on returning he and his brother argued, a guitar was then broken, and an audience member was injured).
3. I have seen a suggestion that Spike was involved in another UK gig in 1999 following the 27 February Spanish show.
4. There may have been a single German date played during the early part of 1999?

Bibbly Bubbly Crisis

10 March 1985 or 1991 or 1996 or 2002

1. A gig advert for an unspecified year shows that on Saturday 10 March, Rat Scabies, Brian James, Paul Raven and Alan Shure were to play in their new band Bibbly Bubbly Crisis. The venue was given as Fairholt House, Whitechapel High Street, London and the ticket price stated 3 (students). What was the year and did the show go ahead?

Captain Sensible


1. Any information about a possible Captain Sensible German tour of April and / or May 1997.


1. A date for Captain Sensible playing Musikzirkus, Dortmund, Germany. (Photographic evidence of the show. Said to be from October 1994).
2. Captain Sensible appears to have been in Japan in June and / or September 1994, as do Martin Newell and Gary Dreadful? To promote Martin Newell's Greatest Living Englishman CD (The Cleaners From Venus Live in Japan) in September?


1. A date for Captain Sensible playing Busby's, Bristol in January 1991. (gig known to have taken place - support from Three Little Piggies and Lux).


1. A date for Captain Sensible playing the Yew Tree pub in Cwmbran (south Wales) - believed to be December 1990.
2. A date for Captain Sensible playing the Isle of Wight 1990 (an early attempt at re-launching the Isle Of Wight Festival - located at Smallbrook Stadium, Ryde -  and featuring Boy George, Captain Sensible and Julie Felix).

Naz Nomad & The Nightmares


1. A precise date for Naz Nomad & The nightmares playing under the pseudonym of The Spooks.


1. Captain Sensible solo gig at The Nashville Rooms (believed to have been 1978). A contibutor to this site wrote - "Danny Kustow (of the Tom Robinson Band) was on guitar, all the songs were psychedlic classics - the set lasted about 2 songs, then Captain Sensible starting laying about Kustow with his bass guitar, which truncated the set somewhat".

The Phantom Chords

1. Dates for the miscellany at the foot of The Phantom Chords gig list.

The White Cats

1. A date is required for The White Cats playing The F Club in Leeds during April 1978 with support from The Records.

The Stink Insects

1. The Stink Insects supported The Dirty Strangers at 3 London shows, possibly as late as 1991.

The Damned
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